Portable Hand Washing Station Rental

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Hand Washing & Hygiene Stations: Where should you go for handwashing and hygiene needs?

Hackney Renters provides the ideal hand hygiene rentals for events, construction sites, residential use and more.

We take great pride in offering a vast variety of hand-washing stations so that you can always keep your hands clean when traditional plumbing systems are not available.

Our team of specialists are properly trained and updated with the latest information regarding portable sanitation, to deploy portable sinks and hand-washing stations all over the country.

Washing hands before working or attending an event is essential for many reasons. Sanitation standards must always be met at all cost.

If you need solutions for improved hand hygiene at work, home, the office, a construction site or anywhere else, then Hackney Renters offers the best hand-washing units for rent.

These units are durable and portable. Moreover, our hand-washing stations come complete with all necessary supplies; including a freshwater tank with faucets activated by a foot pump.

Some of the features often found in these sinks are:

  • 22 gallon water storage tank
  • Faucet with hands-free foot pump
  • Liquid soap
  • Toilet paper
Portable Hand Washing Station Rental
deluxe flushing porta potty

Hackney Renters takes great pride in maintaining and assuring that all sanitation standars are met, regardless of the location where the portable units are working.

Our staff is willing to work within your budget and circumstances in order to obtain the necessary equipment.

Moreover, regular hand washing is the most efficient way to promote cleanliness and hygienic conditions, this is why you should always opt for a portable hand washing station rental.

So, are you interested in renting a hand-washing station? Get in touch with us today!

  • Get a FREE estimate for portable handwashing stations today!
  • Avoid touching any surfaces while washing your hands with our foot-operated sinks.
  • These units are built with a deep basin to provide thorough cleaning of elbows and forearms.
  • Antibacterial pink soap is included with the rental of each handwashing station.
  • Paper Towels are included with each unit rental.
  • Includes a complete water fill and removal/disposal of waste water.
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