Tell us your story!

storyWhen we talk to ‘the powerful people’ about renting, they still assume things like landlord discrimination, illegal and retaliatory eviction and rip-off letting agents are just rare occurrences.

But we renters know otherwise.

That’s why we’re gathering our stories together to present to those who make housing laws. Why might not have enough money to commission fancy research studies, but what we do have is our own stories.

If you’ve rented in Hackney, we want to hear how it was for you. Please share it with us here:

Say as little or as much as you like.

We won’t ask for your name or any other annoying, unnecessary questions.

Once we gathered our stories (we’re aiming for 300!), we’ll get together and decide how we want to present them to the council and what we want them to change.

Once you’ve shared you story, we’d really like it if you could be part of deciding how to present them to the council. We’ll be doing this some time in the Spring. There’s a meeting to plan this on Tuesday 1st April at the New Kingshold Community Centre, 49 Ainsworth Road, E9.

But if all you want to do is share your story, that’s cool too.

If you have any questions about our Tell us your Story project, email us at 

3 thoughts on “Tell us your story!

  1. im not from hackney but ive lived rough in 1986-1990 in bognor regis and chichester i was living in a car garage for quite some time till some do gooder complained to the council at chichester then moved to bognor living in a garden shed for a few months before again moved on then slept under bognor pier rolled up in a fisherman’s canvas from under his boat and there was a storm that night it was a bit of a surprise when he went to lift it up, but he was so kind and said sorry mate go back to sleep but can you fold it back up and put it back,yes sorry but it was really cold and he could smell the alcohol and getting out of the smelly fish odor i folded it up and returned it as promised it was about 11am the sun was up and the beech was full and people saw me and looked so smiled morning having a stretch took off my trainers and walked into the sea for a cold wash well it was hot enough to dry you in an hour, then i had to break into a beech hut because the weather was getting worse that was only for 4 days i had fell in with the wrong crowd because i was from horsham the dole would not give me money as i weren’t from the area and was told to go home but my dad was ex-forces and we had a blazing argument and was told never come crime nicking to eat,from shops and then helping our selves to other things we could sell for drink and drugs others got money from dole then we brock into a managers flat ubuve dixons as it was empty and sqwated but all things come to an end i got done for burglary non dwelling never someone’s home always bissnesses that were insured still wrong but was put in lewis prison on remarnd as i had no fixed aboad then gave dads address to be bailed to dad said what you want so i said the judge said i have to live hear or go back to gail.well you better come in then. well went through the orchard and had a bite out of three apples but they were all bad one’s ended up with my own flat fell into selling drugs not to kids all adults not that, it made it right but was getting out off control cos then there was two others on my patch who wanted a piece of the action so i was sorting them out large quantities of all sorts there for people could always get off one or other and we sorted out all situations on the astate their for the police only drove round saw us spoke no its sorted now off they went but i always had to try everything cos couldn’t sell what i wouldn’t take myself,then the big day came when they came in with a three foot telegraph pole with for handles and a rounded end and a sledge hammer but i was one step ahead and had minimal there. i only started for my bit of puff but as they wouldn’t move me well. they asked for 800 for the door and frame i said no because you knew to weeks before as the caretaker told me as the elderly and him called me a likeable rouge but they moved me and it all stopped the drinking didn’t the last apple done me in to kids lies didn’t put my name on the birth certificate made it hard for access ended up drinking 6 liters of frosty jack cider a day 7.5 proof and lying to doctor getting zopiclone 7.5 sleeping pills taking 2 on top to sleep and other drinks with mates in my small circle and other proscription drugs from others ended up in hospital with drink and drug induced psychosis hearing voices on the third time in hospital she visited with a bloke.moved me out him in game over not seen kids since.but after being in the basement for 4 years i cried out to god cos my body had accepted alcohol as food so it was very hard to stop but he took away the devils hold off cravings locked my self in and done cold turkey drinking water by the pint hot and cold sweats shivers shaking shouting down the loo.then life changed attended courses through workability small courses one day one’s at first then confidence got better with the constant positive responses from all course people then done other courses around drugs and alcohol, then i was ready for the leap and enrolled on a drugs and alcohol NOCN Accredited level 3 with …….and helped two colleagues with help we all passed im also vice chair for ……… at crawley experts by experience helping service users in an open forum to take ownership and self run and set up other groups soon. i also have completed a peer support training level 4 in hospital and community for………………………………. and been on loads off meetings, for capital and exact meetings on addressing alcohol sitting with police,council,and other professionals.i have a card so i can do bank staff in hospitals and done 15 step walk into a hospital quality standards fit for purpose.and sat on a panel assessing students portfolio’s and asking questions for becoming social workers.had a client through another course i did mentoring in the community level 2 for………….and he’s doing really well and now having a meeting with a NHS manager on helping deliver questions and answers for ways of implementing change in hospitals struggling. now getting hassle to get a real job as it’s all voluntary but don’t think il find one were my opinion counts and get treated as equal respect and not just a number and i’ve been hear longer so i know better bla,bla,well i think the council should compulsory by large buildings,old rundown places and let the homeless take ownership of it with guidance we all have potential locked up inside but often because of bloody bureaucrats in another country changing are laws daily with red tape and bloody cuts cuts and more cuts. BUT looking forward to 22 at hackney council county hall bringing megaphone just incase someone has a script that needs saying free speech.


    Focus E15 mothers campaign

    Friday 4 April at 11am
    Meet at Focus E15, Brimstone House, Victoria Street, Stratford, London, E15 4NX
    Then on from there….

    The mother and baby unit is almost closed, next will be the whole hostel/foyer emptied of young people who need homes.

    Due to the Focus E15 mothers campaign, no mother and baby has been housed outside of London as Newham council was threatening, however the victory is only partial as they have been housed in temporary insecure private-sector rented accommodation.

    Bring banners, whistles, people and enthusiam – there will be an open mic and the message will be loud and clear for all residents of the hostel that we must stand together to fight for social housing, not social cleansing.

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