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Get involved!
There are lots of ways you can get involved and support Digs, no matter what your skills, experience and availability. Here are some ways people have been getting involved:

  • Coming to our meetings (see events page for next meeting)
  • Joining as a member (see below)
  • Sharing their skills or expertise with Digs
  • Writing a housing related blog post
  • Delivering flyers to homes and public places
Become a member
Digs membership is free and open to all Hackney renters  – just email to become a member.
Come and say Hi
Digs has meetings every two weeks: where we share and support each others’ housing situations and plot campaigns to end the housing crisis.
One of the meetings rotates day [Monday through Thursday] and the other is on the last monday of every month.  They start at 7pm at Kingshold Community Centre 49 Ainsworth Road E9 7JE. 
You can find the date of the next meeting here:
Please do come and say hi!

2 thoughts on “Get Involved

    • Thanks for getting in touch. Where are you based? There are quite a few groups around London and the UK, hopefully we can hook you up with one of them? Or you’re welcome to still get involved even if you’re not in Hackney.

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