Private Renters

DIGS works with tenants, lawyers, voluntary groups and housing activists to   share useful information and practical help to private tenants facing housing difficulties. We aim to support people tackling issues around:

Who do we support?
Digs support anyone who is renting privately in Hackney or who is homeless or insecurely housed and trying to find a home in Hackney’s private rented sector.

Renters rights workshops
We run workshops to help tenants understand their rights and deal with their housing issues. If you’d like to speak to us about arranging a workshop, email

We know that tenants in Hackney are often bullied into paying fees that they do not understand (because they do not make sense!), giving over deposits without a guarantee of receiving them back, and living in substandard conditions.

Our ‘Support for renters’ section aims to equip tenants with information to help empower them in their dealings with estate agents and landlords.  We are developing this section with more resources for renters.

In some of these situations it is useful to send a well worded letter stating your case and refusing to pay / claiming back money you are owed. If you have a concern not detailed here and you think we can help, please email us at


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