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Poverty among London private renters doubles in a decade

povertyWhat comes to mind when you think of your average private renter in London? A student? An upwardly mobile young professional? Think again.

The London Poverty Profile 2015 released this week completely destroys the image of private renting as a life style choice made by the young, single and affluent.

Ten years most ago, most of London’s poorest lived in social housing. If you rented, you were the least likely of all tenures to be in poverty. But a decade of dizzying rent hikes, flogging social housing and an unregulating the property market has pushed more and more people into private renting and more and more renters into poverty. Now private renters are more likely to be in poverty than any other housing tenure.

The vast majority of children in poverty are in rented housing (more than 530,000), half with a registered social landlord and half with a private landlord. The number of children in poverty in private rented housing has more than doubled in ten years.

The research also shows us that private renters stay in their home for three years on average. So not only are children in the private rented sector increasingly in poverty, they’re also being uprooted from their home and often their school. We imagine what impact this has on the life chances of those children.

What about Hackney?
Renting is more unaffordable in Hackney than the majority of inner London boroughs. Average rent accounts for 76% of monthly earnings – a rate higher than the inner London average of 70%. You can see here how Hackney compares on different poverty indicators to other London boroughs: http://www.londonspovertyprofile.org.uk/key-facts/overview-of-london-boroughs/

Private renters need to come together and demand better for ourselves and our children. No one is going to fix this for us. Join Digs. Have a look at our meeting to see when our next meeting or event is: https://hackneyrenters.org/calendar/

One thought on “Poverty among London private renters doubles in a decade

  1. IT’s really not surprising at all. Average house prices just hit half a million in London.. Rents are not falling behind.
    When you’re paying 1k for a room that can just fit a mattress, what else can be expected.. ?
    We’re just off of a job, cleaning a 3-bed property that clearly shows how it was just a 1-bedroom + a large living room. The living room was then divided and made into 2 tiny boxes.
    The landlord is probably getting upwards of 2.5k each month from renting the dump.. Crazy..

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