Occupation, eviction resistance, demonstration: Is this the beginning of the end of the housing crisis?

Occupations, demonstrations, eviction resistance – these are the direct action tactics that are being used by a swelling, increasingly vocal movement of housing activists.

The March for Homes brought together thousands upon thousands of people onto the streets of London to protest against the sale of council housing, rip off rents and an overall housing system driven by greed rather than human need. People on the protest spoke about being evicted and priced out of their communities.

Protesters went on to occupy and re-open some of the Aylesbury Estate in Southwark, which has been marked for demolition despite residents voting against it. Read their blog to find out what’s going on there, including their Day of Activity this Saturday.

Tonight, angry protesters stopped bailiffs entering the British Credit Awards where they’d planned to celebrate a good couple of years getting rich off the housing crisis. Follow the hashtag #evictthebailiffs to see what happened.

For a while it’s been clear that people are no longer willing to sit by and watch the heart ripped out of London and their communities sold out from under them.

But what this recent groundswell of action tells us is that people are also getting organised – they’re organising their communities, building solidarity links with other groups and staging high profile actions that are successfully re-opening council housing and keeping people in their homes.

None of the groups like Focus E15, Housing Action Lambeth and Southwark and New Era have any faith the main political parties have any genuine will to fix the housing crisis. Instead, groups are taking control and finding their own solutions.





2 thoughts on “Occupation, eviction resistance, demonstration: Is this the beginning of the end of the housing crisis?

  1. I don’t know. This crisis has been created because too many people are stepping over too many other’s rights. All while the business models and economy pressure middle and small businesses to follow the immoral and inhuman corporate sharks, just to stay competitive. Just to provide for themselves.
    I can’t really blame – there are too many people to blame…

    I wrote a blog post on this topic. Probably the last one I’ll ever write. Check it out, maybe there is something of value for you.

    View at Medium.com

  2. I’m really not sure about the end of the housing crisis. It really seems unresolvable, unless the government agrees to extremely drastic measures, which would hurt landlords and businesses’s inherent rights.. Naturally, no government will ever do it..

    I wrote some thoughts of mine in a blog post. Maybe there is something of value for you guys.

    View at Medium.com


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