Digs’ Message of Solidarity with St Mungos Broadway Workers

stmungosbroadwaystrikeDigs’ members were appalled when we heard that Unite members at St Mungos Broadway (from the Unite Housing Workers Branch) were taking seven days of strike action in defence of their housing association, staff terms and conditions, and union rights, all of which have come under a sudden and vicious attack following a merger.

You can read more about their struggle here.
You can take an email action to support them here.

The Message of Solidarity:

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

We stand with you in your strike. As our members have depended on your hard work, you can now depend on us to stand with you as you fight for your working conditions.

We know that downgrading of terms and conditions of housing workers is no way to tackle the housing crisis. We must be united in opposing the ideological austerity agenda that outsources, cuts back services, sells off housing, makes workers precarious and benefits only the 1%.

It is with disgust that we see the rising salaries of CEOs, including in the housing sector whilst front-line workers face downgraded roles and work under minimised standards policies and procedures.

There is no cost cutting or efficiency saving that will realise the right to housing, but only workers and communities taking action as you are to defend these rights.

You should know you have the full solidarity of Digs members’ in your strike action, in defence of quality housing services and the right of all to housing!

Heather Kennedy on behalf of Digs – Hackney Renters

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