ACTION! Tell the council private renting needs to change

Hackney mapFor the last few months we’ve been gathering stories from renters in Hackney – they’ve been telling us tales that would make your hair curl, of abusive landlords, greedy, incompetent letting agents, rip off rents, evictions and shocking states of disrepair.

Come with us on Saturday 26th April, 12pm to present these stories to Hackney council and tell them things need to change!

Join us on the steps of Hackney Town Hall. We’ll be:

  • Playing a couple of rounds of Housing Crisis Bingo!
  • Listening and sharing our stories of renting in Hackney
  • Asking that council what they plan to do for renters in Hackney
  • Telling the council our own ideas for making life better for renters

Before we vote in local elections, lets hear what the council have to say about private renting and how they can make it better for the people of Hackney.

The private rented sector needs to change to support people who will never own or have a council house but who should still have access to decent secure housing. Decent, secure, affordable housing should be the right of everyone, not the preserve of a privileged few!

See you there.

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