Gathering stories of high rents in Hackney

foxtons-quizHackney is famous for many things, most recently for being the dizzying frontier of the housing crisis. Rents and house prices are rising quicker than almost anywhere else in London. The twang of gentrification is potent is the air, whether you’re strolling down the Narrow Way, buying groceries on Stoke Newington High Street or  cutting across the Woodberry Downs estate.

That’s why we’re launching our Tell Us Your Tell Us your Story campaign with the topic: HIGH RENT.

If you’ve ever rented in Hackney and had an issue with high rents (and if you haven’t, you’re a rare breed!) then we want to hear your story. Give us as much or as little detail as you like. It will only take a couple of minutes.

Click here to tell us your story. Or tweet your story to us at @hackney_renters using the hashtag #RentingStories

Each week we’ll choose a different issue relevant to renters in Hackney. If you’d like to suggest a topic, please post in the comments below!

Maybe you’ve had to move house or move out of Hackney because of high rents? Maybe you’re paying 50% of your income on rent? Maybe you’ve seen you’re rent go up even though the house needs repairs? Maybe you’ve had to forgo having a living room or living alone because rents are so pricey? Whatever your story, we want to hear it!

Why are  collecting stories?
We want to show local and central Government just how bad it is for people renting in Hackney. Social change has always been driven forward by the stories and voices of normal people. Once, we’ve got together and agreed our demands, we’re going to write the stories up in to a dossier and present these to policy makers.

We need you!
We want other Hackney renters to stand with us in presenting our stories. The more of us there are, the more power we have! On the 1st April we’re meeting to decide what demands we want and how we should present our stories. This meeting will get new members involved in planning our Tell Us Your Story launch on 26th April. Watch this space for details.

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