Legal aid for renters is not dead!

Nathaniel-Matthews-007Did you think draconian cuts to legal aid had slashed all hope of a renter getting free legal representation? Think again. Last week, a Solicitor Sophie Bell got in touch to remind renters they can still sometimes get free legal representation in private sector housing cases.

  • Eviction proceedings/ unlawful evictions
  • Homelessness if you’re evicted
  • Disrepair where there’s an immediate risk to health and safety

Even if you have a disrepair issue but can’t prove there is an immediate risk, you still might be able to get help.

Here are some solicitors you can approach for free legal representation;

Anthony Gold | 020 7940 4000
Hodge, Jones and Allen | 020 7874 8300
Duncan Lewis | 020 7923 4020
Hackney Community Law Centre (will mostly only represent people on benefits and low incomes) | 020 8985 5236

The Solicitor will make a decision whether the amount awarded if they win the case will be enough to cover their fees (apart from Hackney Community Law Centre because they’re a charity). They will usually only take the case on if they think they can cover their fees.

If you know of any other solicitors in or around East London that renters can approach for free legal representation on housing cases, let us know in the comments. Or if you’ve had any experiences with these solicitors, get in touch!

3 thoughts on “Legal aid for renters is not dead!

  1. Legal aid is also still available for unlawful eviction cases as well as eviction proceedings and homelessness cases if you are evicted

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