Renters of Hackney, tell us your story!

housingWhen we talk to ‘the powerful people’ about renting, they still assume things like landlord discrimination, illegal and retaliatory eviction and rip-off letting agents are just rare occurrences.

But we renters know otherwise.

That’s why we’re gathering our stories together to present to those who make housing laws. Why might not have enough money to commission fancy research studies, but what we do have is our own stories.

If you’ve rented in Hackney, we want to hear how it was for you. Please share it with us here: http://tellusyourstoryhackney.wordpress.com/tell-us-your-story-here/

Say as little or as much as you like.

We won’t ask for your name or any other annoying, unnecessary questions.

Once we gathered our stories (we’re aiming for 300!), we’ll get together and decide how we want to present them to the council and what we want them to change.

Once you’ve shared you story, we’d really like it if you could be part of deciding how to present them to the council. We’ll be doing this some time in the Spring. There’s a meeting to plan this on Tuesday 1st April at the New Kingshold Community Centre, 49 Ainsworth Road, E9.

But if all you want to do is share your story, that’s cool too.

If you have any questions about our Tell us your Story project, email us at hello@hackneyrenters.org 

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