Can you Dig it? Spoken Word Housing Benefit

When: Saturday 29th June, 7:30, -2:00am

Where: The Victoria, 451 Queensbridge Road, Dalston, Hackney, E8 3AS L Digs Housing Benefit

Benefit organised by Digs, Hackney private tenants group -LINE UP//

  • The Ruby Kid
  • Sensei C
  • Poets from the OSA collective
  • Rosie Knight
  • A selection of Hackney’s finest DJs

Come shake your booty and leave that expensive, damp, unrepaired ‘maisonette’ that looks like a converted shed behind for the night.For one night only, the awesome Digs – will take a break from fighting for the rights of tenants across hackney – to be more “public house”, than rented house..A night of groove, boom, soul shaking live performance and roof raising DJs ….to raise much needed funds so we can take the fight to dodgy landlords and their letting agent lackeys….your meagre entrance fee could pay for that placard that brings Foxtons to it’s knees!

5GBP Waged / 4 GBP Unwaged

We desperately need to raise some cash to help us pay for training space and leaflets to reach out to and support other renters in Hakcney. We also need props for our next action against letting agents in Hackney on the 6th July and venue space for our meetings and tenant training sessions.

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