Come to our campaigning skills share day!

Edinburgh renters who won their fight against unfair fees.

Edinburgh renters who won their fight against unfair fees.

Sick of high rents and rip-off letting agent fees? Want to take action for change? Come along to our skillshare on Saturday 6 April at St George’s Town Hall, 236 Cable Street, Shadwell, London, E1 0BL (map), 2 – 5.30pm.

On Saturday 27 April, private tenant groups are planning protest actions against letting agencies. We want to end bogus and opportunistic letting agent fees which are often charged on top of rent and deposits, and challenge the role of letting agents in pushing up rents.

The ‘Let Down’ campaign now has its own blogspace: http://letdownblog.wordpress.com/ 

To prepare the day of action and to strengthen the grassroots movement of tenants in London, London Renters are holding an open skillshare on Saturday 6 April. Everybody is welcome, whether you’re brand new to housing politics or want to get actively involved in your local renter group (please find a list of already existing groups below).

There’ll be workshops covering:

  • setting up a local renter group and getting more people involved
  • organising a protest action
  • social media: using the web for effective campaigning
  • producing banner and placards
  • documenting protest actions

If you’d like to lead on a topic at the Skills Share, then just let us know: hello@hackneyrenters.org 

2 thoughts on “Come to our campaigning skills share day!

  1. People complain about high rents because when communities are ripped apart they turn into the “shitholes” you lambast, people with kids, people that have forged relationships in the community are left isolated in this new postcode. You seem to be celebrating gentrification, who wins out of this? What is good about gentrification?, I’d rather a community with a history rather than a well-stuffed olive and an artisan bread.

    I appreciate that there are bad tenants, as they’re are a lot of bad landlords. But you’re trying to advocate moving people out of an area because they don’t fit your economic model, if you really, really, think that, then you’re a lord of nothing but misery.

  2. [1] Why do you complain of high rents?. Hackney was a s***hole, suddenly a whole bunch of trendy people move in, house prices go and rents go up. Why don’t you move into less fashionable areas of London, which are crying out for gentrification. Please don’t tell me all the trendy types were born and bred in Hackney?

    [2] Most landlords are unaware of about letting agency fees, many would be unhappy about the cost to tenants.

    [3] Whilst as a landlord, I hate tenants getting charged high letting agency fees. I have been taken for a ride by prospective tenants, who give me false paperwork. They try it on because I don’t have now referencing fees (this is when I advertise a property privately). They would n’t have tried it with a letting agency, as they would have lost money.

    [4] Other concerns. I had a tenant with a repair issue. I arranged the repair. However, things got ugly and vile. The tenants were demanding £500 compensation and threatened to withhold the rent for the inconvenience. They threatened to make malicious claims to the council to win their case. I was shocked at their behaviour. I was disappointed, for 3 years they had no rent increase. What is the point of being good to your tenants, if tenants can attack you with malicious claims?. What is the incentive of being a good landlord?. It has left a bad taste in my mouth. I think groups such as yours, will only drive up rents, as landlords need to keep as much ‘paperwork’ and evidence to protect against malicious claims. For instance, having an independent inventory, is better in the event of a dispute…. It drives up costs and I want to keep rents low.

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