Workshop| Renters, know your rights!

DaymerWhen: Monday 18th March, 18:30-20:30
Where: Day-Mer Turkish and Kurd Community Centre, Howard Road, LONDON N16  8PU

This free workshop, jointly hosted by Shelter and Digs will cover the eviction process and possible defenses, harassment, unlawful eviction and rent increases. This will be an introductory workshop with the chance to learn more at future sessions.

Digs and Shelter are working together to build the knowledge and capacity of renters who are so frequently ripped off and mistreated by letting agents and landlords.

We’re looking for renters with an interest in supporting others in their community or with a thirst for change in the private rented sector. If you’d like to become more involved, or if you just want to learn how to stand up for your rights, we hope to see you there!

There is no need to book a ticket but if you’d like to come along please drop us a quick email so we know how many to expect: hello@hackneyrenters.org 


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